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Michigan’s treasury department has slapped liens totaling over $20,000 on the CIA for not paying withholding taxes on employees. Jason Reed JIR/Reuters

Jacobin Magazine published a piece by Amber A'Lee Frost on Saturday denouncing the "troubling new trend in younger leftist circles" of ascribing all sexism to "bros". The article hung all of its critical extrapolation on what amounted to two tweets, one by Aaron Bady, and a second by Al Jazeera English writer Sarah Kenzior. Kendzior objected to the use of her tweet, a reply to a friend in which she characterized someone sending her rape threats as a "brocialist," particularly since it was used by Frost as a finger-wagging example of how one ought not to use the word "bro." In fact, Frost later* writes "Give me a card-carrying brocialist over one of these oily "allies" any day," which it's hard to interpret any way other than explicit support for the person sending Kendzior rape threats, so what's that about?

And where does Jacobin stand editorially on rape threats? The piece's editor, Micah Uetricht, apologized to Kendzior, explaining that he "didn't read piece nor link closely enough—thought it was saying something else." Megan Erickson, on the other hand, whose Twitter bio says she is "Editor, @jacobinmag," said that Kendzior's complaint was "dishonest, childish bullshit," and that she "didn't edit it, but I agree completely with the sentiment and don't apologize." Erickson later clarified, however, that she is "not a journalist. I'm a teacher. And thank the fuck Christ for that, if this is what you call journalism." So I guess that makes Jacobin Magazine some kind of school for scandal? Kendzior eventually wrote a blog post about the fracas, calling out Salon editor Elias Isquith, who apparently deleted the tweet she was referring to, having merely chosen an inopportune moment to deploy that old-time Twitter-brand tone-deaf humor. "The left has a rape problem," Kenzior says. This particular left also has a few people willing to jump on any opportunity to punish someone they view as an enemy, as Elizabeth Stoker and Matt Breunig (who seems like he mainly just wants to revive his previous grudge against Kendzior) made obvious.

[Update: A response from Jacobin to this post was noted in subsequent Tabs, which also clarify that Frost's "Give me a card-carrying brocialist" comment appeared one sentence before the link to Sarah Kendzior's tweet.]

Questions for Small Group Discussion:

  • What are u even?
  • Can u not?
  • But, rly tho, what are u even?

Jacobin fans debating whether rape threats "legitimately frightening". Reminds me of Todd Akin and "legitimate rape"

— Sarah Kendzior (@sarahkendzior) June 7, 2014

Also Today in Being Wrong: George Will characterizes "sexual assault victim" as a "coveted status that confers privileges." In the Times new trolling section, Jake Flanagin asks whether it's possible to be a male feminist. I don't know, but it sure seems like the most pressing feminist issue, doesn't it? Book Twitter largely spent the weekend upset at Ruth Graham for Slatesplaining at grownups who read YA. Basically everyone took a shot at Graham, and it was pretty great in the way tab fights are great when the leadoff tab is so clearly wrong and dumb. The CIA joined twitter and if you think I'm gonna dig into those tabs you've got a lot to learn. And finally News Corp suing The Mail Online is some sort of delightful media battle of Stalingrad that can't help but turn out ok for everyone else.

I think right about now is the time for some KANYE-FIDENCE.


That's more like it. The world's oldest man died Sunday at the age of 111, leaving the world tragically without an oldest man. Malcolm Harris turns in an outstanding review of Richard Linklater's 12-years-in-the-making film "Boyhood" in light of the recent Isla Vista shootings and concludes that "Linklater declares victory too early." The Bloomberg Terminal on Oculus Rift might just be the douchiest thing there ever was. Today's buried lede is that a tween who is only semi-fluent in English could apparently pass the Turing Test. Not what I would have expected! Can we talk about the phrase "inclined to work" here? Because I don't think I've ever been inclined to work. Time, Life, People, and other nouns are in trouble.

The House Hunters become the House Hunted

— Joseph Fink, 👻🎃healthcare is a human right🎃👻 (@PlanetofFinks) June 9, 2014

Today's Tab You Should Definitely Open: You think I don't know you skip all the links, but I do. I do know it. And it's ok! But read this, by Jon Bois. I'm not even gonna describe it, because you'll go "Oh that's not really my thing," and in doing so you'll miss out on one of the greatest writers working today, because of your dumb self-image and your dumb "thing." Put down your "thing." Read All Is Lost. Your "thing" will still be there when you're done.

Today in Comix: Calvin & Hobbes creator Bill Watterson returned to the comics page after 20 years.

Today's Song: Soul Coughing via Mark Z. Danielewski and the Flintstones, "Circles"

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