Today in Tabs: The Tab Also Rises!
But the brightest sunrise of the day is surely the impending return of Andy Baio's beloved-then-Yahoo-murdered!!

The sun rises and the sun sets. I mean really, the sun does neither of those things, it just explodes continuously for billions of years, like my head. But you know what I mean. Today a new design for BoingBoing is sunrising and despite new designs always being garbage, this one is really quite nice. Sunsetting with unexpected suddenness, on the other hand, is Chris "moot" Poole's DrawQuest, due to some badly planned open sourcing. 4chan was briefly hacked too, via unrelated means. Sometimes the only way you can tell a sunrise from a sunset is by knowing what time it is, and founder Dalton Caldwell's "good news" blog post is certainly one of those times, because it says "good news, we have plenty of money to run the service and also you're all fired." It's evening for Twitter clones. Good Magazine is re-sunrising the idea of editorial content, but it looks more like a "platisher" strategy so watch for them to become a sump of garbage like Forbes. But the brightest sunrise of the day is surely the impending return of Andy Baio's beloved-then-Yahoo-murdered! Upcoming was a social calendaring site where members could find and share events, which he sold to Yahoo in 2005. Yahoo stuffed it in a deep hole and ignored it, finally shutting down the desiccated husk of the site last year, despite nothing ever coming along to take its place. Baio bought back the domain name, and just launched a $30,000 Kickstarter to fund a relaunch, which was funded in approximately 90 minutes. With 23 days left to go, it's fair to guess that Baio will find himself with enough money to do a proper job of it.

But What About the Tabs? Everyone who's ready for NY Times Editorial Mean Girl Maureen Dowd to start writing about Monica Lewinsky again fall down and vomit uncontrollably! Oh I see it's all of you. Perfect! Sure, Fox News, sad Asians are basically all the same. Ex-Twitter employees can't sell fast enough on vesting day. Google product strategist Scott Jenson enacts a brilliant parody of an arrogant, entitled Googler. We at Tabs say "Bravo!" Mr. Jenson, and we look forward to... listens to earpiece oh... I... I see. I'm sorry, it seems Mr. Jenson meant it, and in fact really is that big a dick. And finally, the internet's best source for wholesale pencil-toppers Alibaba filed for an IPO. The numbers involved in this are flabbergasting, apparently this site handles some psychotic amount of commerce, like $248 billion worth. I don't even know. The real tragedy is that Yahoo is going to make billions of dollars on this, which it will use to continue screwing up the internet.

Tonx co-founder says coffee-brewing obsessives are full of it, and they are! Also, the net's foremost coffee and social media blog The Awl points out that we are entering a golden age of fake good coffee. Can you believe that the domain is available? Not available anymore is There's a lot of "but it's for stroke victims" fig-leafery here but honestly who doesn't want a robotic exoskeleton? Just make sure you print your makeup before you put it on.

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Today's Song: Andrew Jackson Jihad, "Temple Grandin"

Today's Edit: Ruth Reichl on editing David Foster Wallace

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