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Can potheads build a company? Ask Zach Schwartz from Rap Genius, Caroline McCarthy, Anil, Biddle and me.

— Nick Denton (@nicknotned) February 18, 2014

Whether you loathe him or merely dislike him intensely, Nick Denton has had a major effect on internet media for the last dozen years. He had a long conversation with Jeff Bercovici, for Playboy, that's worth reading because Denton is not often wrong, and least so when he's saying things we don't want to hear. By the way, Denton thinks Facebook's huge boost in traffic for Buzzfeed is a conspiracy, and who am I to say he's wrong about that? Or you? Or anyone?

"Congratulations, You've Vaccinated Your Child And Now They're Retarded." That's an actual headline on Thought Catalog. It's followed up by "Not Asking Questions About Childhood Vaccinations Makes You An Irresponsible Parent." These are both by David Dunning, author of the ebook "Hitler Went to Heaven." Now don't be fooled! These headlines are not clever reversals to attract your clicks and then send you away wiser and more informed. No, these two articles are exactly as dumb and mean as you would have expected. So I'm sure you already know whether you're going to enjoy reading them or not, which decision I leave wholly to you.

Pieces keep thinking on FaceApp: Moats and Subscriptions, Blackberry Messenger keeps coming up for some reason, Facebook's stock hasn't exactly crashed, but why spend so much for a simple carrier pigeon competitor? Andrew Orlowski at The Register has an interesting theory that what Facebook just paid all that money for was your phone book.

Social media-er makes us needier claims notorious truthlessness-promoter "Mendacious" Maureen O'Connor in NYMag. Please tell your friends to follow @rustyk5 on Twitter and subscribe to Tabs and we can nip this pernicious lie before it spreads. Please? I feel so alone.

What Neiman Lab Thinkpiece on Buzzfeed Quizzes Are You? I got: Skeptical, but mostly sanguine! Speaking of Neiman, WhatsApp shares are a hoax says Josh Benton, and he's right by definition because everything is a hoax.

Today in Cards: Dylan Byers points out that the representation of DC politics in House of Cards is really bad. I feel like he might be missing the point a tiny bit. And what's up with the Deep Web stuff? David Auerbach does a good job weeding out the nonsense from the truth here, but spoilers abound if you haven't watched S2 yet.

all animals used in the filming of this movie have been broken down into raw materials and remade into different animals for other movies

— wolf pupy (@wolfpupy) February 21, 2014

This is a hell of a good talk. I'm not even sure how to describe it really, but it's by @thisisaaronland and it's about design and technology-based art and some other things also.

Powerful artificial muscle made of twisted fishing line, because sometimes the answer has been right there under your dumb nose all along while you were dicking around with exotic carbon nanotubes.

Colbert Adorable. Crime Predicted or more likely not. Revenge porn legal in New York what a wonderful world, hooray. I don't want to say this tale of a book about Snowden erasing itself is a hoax but I've used StarOffice and it routinely does stranger things than that (also of course I want to say it's a hoax I mean come on). Hypothetical submarine vacations pitched purely as an excuse for doin' it undersea seems to lack imagination. What's Wrong With Tech This Week. The bougie-conomy continues to boom with delivery hairstyling service.

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Today's Uplifting Homily: Rust Cohle on why we should all just be happy.

Today's Song: Brian Williams, "Rapper's Delight"

~I said tip, tab, tippy to the tippy to the tip-tip-tab, you don't stop~

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