Today in Tabs: Tabbing Westward

Mitch Albom is asserting that The Beatles are still better than any band of all time ever. Pierre Degas/Corbis

We lead off today with a couple of old-fashioned tabs from some of the best worst tabsmiths in the biz. From the Wall St. Journal, James Taranto imagines a world where rapists and their victims are equally to blame. Media Matters does the tedious but necessary labor of once again countering anecdata with actual facts.

And is this finally the day Richard Cohen gets fired? No, I'm sure it isn't. Because here he is, absurdly accusing the New York Times of a "rush to judgement" about Woody Allen. Relegating the accuser to an open letter in Kristof's blog, while giving Allen's response the editorial treatment is apparently a "defenestration" now. If only we could all be tossed out the window and land in the Sunday section.

And finally, granted the stakes are much lower, but here's Mitch Albom asserting that The Beatles are still better than any band of all time ever. Basically they wrote good songs and no one before or since has written any good songs. Ok, Dad.

Today in Palate Cleansers: Handsome Actor Eats Cheeseburger.

What's this "Fappy Bird" meme about? #dareiask

— William Gibson (@GreatDismal) February 11, 2014

Tab-Alongs: I'm trying to think up a good name for followup tabs from past stories. Haven't done it yet, obviously. Anyway, what does giraffe meat taste like? (My guess: like zebra, but longer.) Another good flappy bird clone. I missed this but Ian Bogost wrote one of the best pieces of media criticism I've ever read about a week ago. For the first time I understand why I don't really like games. Third-world banana republic takes first tentative steps toward personal data security.

Business Insider's Nicholas Carlson posted an analysis of the decline in Upworthy traffic after Facebook tweaked its newsfeed algos. Gawker gotchaed him on changing the ending to imply less strongly that Buzzfeed is paying for preferential access to Facebook's billion bored mommybloggers. But what I found astounding was: "Buzzfeed's business model is to create advertorials on and then get traffic to these advertorials by buying Facebook ads." That... can't be Buzzfeed's business model, can it? Buying ads for your ads? That's the over-unity energy of business models. More on this story soon, from our new-media business correspondent, Maxwell Demon.

Gawker's Joel Johnson unveiled the shadowy new R.E.C.R.U.I.T.S. program but failed to say what the name is an acronym for. Black Guys Confused. Chat Room Transcribed. Goats Critiqued.

Can anyone explain to me why we're "debating" whether the U.S. government can assassinate American citizens? I mean, I might be missing something obvious but it sort of seems like that's totally illegal in every conceivable way? But I guess I'm not a lawyer? Related: handy NSA program explorer.

Who is Steven Reisman? What is The Marshall Project? Why does Tim Armstrong know about your medical conditions? What happened at the Olympics? Does anyone have any idea what Yahoo is doing?

Halle Kiefer and Dan McQuade / NYMag

Today in Long Things That Were Not Fed to a Lion: Katie J.M. Baker investigated US College's terrible response to mental health problems. And in the New Yorker, George Packer wrote about Amazon at considerable length. teams up with dogecoin (SFW at the moment...). While Silicon Valley prepares to take to the sea, Wired's Bill Wasik suggests it may want to reconsider. John Oliver just straight up mocks the tech industry to its face but there's no sign anyone is ashamed of themselves. At least we all deleted Secret.

Today's AHHHHHHHHHHH: One minute in the Sochi luge run (via Megan Garber in the Atlantic)

Today's Song: Cibo Matto, "Mfn" from their new album(!!!)

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