Today's Wordle #615 Tips, Hints and Answer for Friday, February 24 Puzzle

Well over a year since it was first released to the public, in October 2021, Wordle continues to thrill and frustrate many thousands of people all across the English speaking world.

The game was first developed during coronavirus lockdown by Josh Wardle, a New York based software developer originally from Wales in the U.K.

Wardle explained his motivation for creating the game during an interview with Newsweek in January 2022. He commented: "When I designed the game, it was for me and my partner to enjoy, so I made sure that all of the entries were randomized. In other words, I don't actually know what tomorrow's word is going to be, which means that I can take part like everybody else."

Later that same month, Wardle sold Wordle to The New York Times, for an undisclosed seven-figure sum.

Wordle hints for 24 February 2023 game
The word game Wordle is shown on a mobile phone on January 12, 2022 in Houston, Texas. Newsweek has some hints and tips to help you complete today's puzzle. Brandon Bell/GETTY

Speaking to Newsweek, Erhan Aslan, associate professor of applied linguistics at the University of Reading in Britain, argued social media had played a key role in Wordle's success.

He said: "In today's digital age, like many other things, many simple games like Wordle can be played online.

"I think that Wordle gains its popularity not only from its simple rules but also from its virality on social media platforms as a result of people sharing/posting their scores to demonstrate a sense of accomplishment and validation."

To help you solve today's Wordle, Newsweek has provided some tips. The answer to today's puzzle will be revealed at the end of this article, so scroll down with caution if you want to work it out for yourself.

'Wordle' #615 Tips and Clues for Friday, February 24

Wordle players can use these five hints to help solve puzzle #615.

Hint #1: The answer contains two vowels.

Hint #2: There is one repeated letter, in both second and fifth place.

Hint #3: You might find one of these in a fancy park.

Hint #4: Not a commonly used word!

Hint #5: The first letter is a vowel.

'Wordle' #615 Answer for Friday, February 24

The answer to today's Wordle is "Arbor."

Well, that was a tough one! An unusual word (confession time—we didn't actually know what it meant), made only a little easier by the double "r" and the two common vowels. Did you get it? If so, congratulations!

But please don't worry if not. Wordle is meant to be a challenge, and one of the best parts is seeing if you can improve your result over time. Either way, Newsweek will be back tomorrow with another round of hints and tips.

What Does 'Arbor' Mean?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines "arbor" as "a shelter of vines or branches or of latticework covered with climbing shrubs or vines."

For example: "Let's meet later in the hotel garden, by the arbor."