Toddler Can't Sleep Without Clutching Kitchen Whisk in Adorable Video

There is no rhyme or reason to what a child chooses for their favorite toy.

You can spend all your money on an expensive gift, but they could just prefer to play with the packaging.

Alternatively, that brand new teddy bear might be doomed to a life of playing second fiddle to a bean bag—you just never know.

And in the case of one boy in a recent TikTok video, which toy did he covet most? A whisk.

Yep, in footage posted to the video-sharing app by user @elyamador3 her toddler can be seen cuddling up to the kitchen utensil in bed while sleeping.

The small boy, who has a pacifier in his mouth, is roused from his slumber when his mother tries to remove the item from his clasped fist.

He immediately grabs the metal object from his mom and lies back down to fall back asleep, whisk in hand.

The overlaid text to the video reads: "Somebody buy my child a teddy bear."

The adorable and hilarious video was posted on May 27, and has so far been viewed by more than 24.4 million people.

It has also garnered a whopping 4.7 million likes, and many have flooded the comments section with their thoughts on the heart-warming clip.

One TikTok user, Ciara Nitchals, wrote: "That's his emotional support whisk. No touchy."

Another person, known only as Courtney, joked: "Footage of Gordon Ramsay as a baby."

Pal added: "He doesn't need a teddy bear, he needs utensils and cake mix."

TruckerA commented: "He is gonna be a professional chef."

Whereas user6438505825407 exclaimed: "If you don't take care of this now, I can see him going to school with that thing in his hand the whole time!"

And in other news of children being somewhat unpredictable, recently a little girl shocked the crowd at her preschool graduation with a surprising response to her teacher's question.

TikTok user baybay_930 took to the social media app on May 19 to share footage of her daughter's big day.

Set in the school gym, the video starts when the little girl's name, which is Presley, is called by her teacher.

Wearing a tiny graduation gown and cap, she heads up to collect her preschool diploma to a wave of applause.

The teacher then asks Presley what her name is, and she responds. Next, she says: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

The child pauses for thought, before replying: "umm... a witch."

The audience then erupts with laughter at the adorable moment.

Presley's mom captioned the footage, writing: "So my daughter graduated from preschool tonight did not see that coming!"

baby holding whisk kitchen
A stock image of a baby holding a whisk in a kitchen. In the TikTok video a young boy is filmed sleeping while holding onto a metal kitchen utensil. Getty Images