Toddler Can't Tell Her Dad and His Identical Twin Apart in Adorable Video

A mom has shared the adorable moment when her toddler can't tell her dad apart from his identical twin brother.

Katrina Neubauer Kaufman, who posts under the name Trina on TikTok, uploaded a video a week ago which has since blown up.

The mom-of-two shared a video showing her husband, Jimmy, and his brother, Matt, each holding a child.

But it seems the younger one can't differentiate between the two, as she keeps asking for "dada," while being passed from one to the other.

Trina, thought to be from Louisville, Kentucky, said in the video: "When your dad is an identical twin and you think your uncle is your daddy."

She explained Matt recently changed his facial hair, making the two men look even more similar.


We had a little dada twin confusion now that Uncle Matt has a beard like dada! #twindad #identicaltwins #whosyourdaddy #babytiktok #dadsoftiktok

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"We had a little dada twin confusion now that Uncle Matt has a beard like dada!" Trina added.

While their youngest is clearly baffled, their older child declares they have "two dada's."

But Jimmy quizzes them to see if they can tell the pair apart, and after initially stumbling the youngster correctly identifies who is who.

It seems the pair won't be the only confused children now the brothers have matching facial hair, as Trina added Matt has a child of his own

"Uncle Matt is married and has a little boy," added Trina, whose Instagram bio describes her as "raising babies, selling homes & fixing up things with my husband."

The original clip amassed more than 2 million views, and Trina, a real estate investor, shared a follow-up video breaking the news of their online fame to Matt.

Trina said: "Telling Uncle Matt that our daddy confusion video got 1.5 million views. Help me convince them to do more videos."

The family headed to Matt's workplace to break the news he was "TikTok famous."

Trina also shared the clip to Instagram a few days ago, where she said: "Sharing this again because it's too funny! When your dad is an identical twin and you think your uncle is your daddy..."

The clips have been met with giggles online, as jessthestoryteller wrote: "This cracks me up."

CuzUrBeautiful joked: "We need an evil twin edition."

Tejaswini Parker admitted: "Omg my dad and uncle are identical. I would confuse them for each other until I was 4 or 5."

Zachary Dennison noted: "Both of them were so confused at first."

Doujou_CD wrote: "Oh my god that is so adorable."

While Ronnica Brown pointed out: "They have on matching outfits."

Newsweek reached out to Trina for comment.

Stock image of twin brothers
Stock image of twin brothers. A toddler was unable to tell her dad and his twin brother apart in an adorable video. Getty Images/Nevena1987