Video of Toddler Comforting Dog During Thunderstorm is Melting Hearts Online

A video of a toddler comforting a dog during a thunderstorm has gone viral, and is melting hearts online.

In the clip, which was share to Reddit by user Thefairsewing, a little boy can be seen stroking a large dog who is hiding in a laundry room, clearly scared by the storm.

The footage, which has received more than 20,600 upvotes, sees the toddler, who is wearing a diaper, chatting away to the animal and touching its face before throwing his arms around the pet.

The sweet video, which can be watched here, is captioned: "This little guy comforting his buddy during a thunderstorm is the best thing you'll see today."

Since the clip was shared on November 20 more than 220 people also rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the touching moment.

One Reddit user, BurritoSorceress, wrote: "Thunder buddies for life."

Another person, Crazyhazo77, typed: "Yeah you're right, best thing I've seen today."

ANC_90 revealed: "When growing up, my mom had a dog that was terrified of thunder.

"He got scared of that after being in a thigh space when there was a thunderstorm. If I remember well, it was in the back of a car.

"After that moment, he would fled to my moms bedroom whenever there was a thunderstorm (or fireworks) and I would go upstairs to comfort him.

"He was my best bud when growing up and it was always so sad to see how scared he got of it."

Reallybirdysomedays opined: "This is cute as hell, but maybe letting a baby sit face to face with a terrified dog is not the best plan..."

EJCZ commented: "What a brave and sweet child!"

However, not everyone thought the clip was so wholesome, including Dominoodles who remarked: "While it is cute, maybe not a good idea to let a small child hang all over a frightened dog."

StepRightUpMarchPush agreed, typing: "This isn't cute. That dog is absolutely terrified and all it knows is that a small, squeaky human is in its face and touching its paws.

"It's almost as if dog owners don't actually read up about how to properly care for dogs and just treat them like furry humans. They are not."

According to Parc Vet's website: "Up to 30% of dogs are terrified by the rumblings of thunderstorms, howling winds, and driving rain.

"When thunder rumbles, dogs don't understand where the noise comes from. They tremble, hide, pace and pant."

The vet clinic offers tips to calm a dog during a storm including giving them a designated safe space, consoling your pet and drowning out the noise with sounds such as classical music.

Dog and toddler
A stock image of a small boy and a dog looking out of a window. On Reddit a video has been shared of a toddler soothing a dog who is scared of a thunderstorm. iStock