Sneaky Toddler's Plan to Raid Fridge Foiled by a Swinging Door

Snacking can be tough when you're only three feet tall and can't reach high enough in the fridge to get what you're looking for. It's even harder when the fridge door keeps swinging in your way when you're trying to climb up on a stool. Need proof? Look no further than the below viral video, which shows a toddler who can't sneak any snacks because of a pesky refrigerator door.

Shared to the r/funny subreddit on Tuesday, the clip catches the youngster on camera, clearly up to no good and trying to make their way into the fridge to get some tasty treats in before dinner. After climbing off of a stool, the kid takes a step back and yanks open the refrigerator door—only to have it swing over them as they're climbing back up the stool, thereby blocking their access to the treasured snacks inside the fridge.

Undeterred, the toddler climbs back down to pull the fridge open a little more, rather than just staying on the stool and ducking underneath the door as they open it. As they struggle to climb back on the stool, the kid's plans are foiled yet again as the door swings back over them and continues to block their way. After the failed second attempt, it looks like they're going to successfully duck underneath the door; instead, though, they just climb back down and repeat the cycle.

As the top comment puts it, the video is "aggravating as hell to watch," because you just want to help the poor toddler find a way to meet their goal. Watching the kid fumble with the door and the stool, it just makes you want to walk over and hold the door open while they exercise free range over the fridge, even if they're trying to have dessert before dinner. Personally, I nearly yelled at my screen, "Don't push it so hard, buddy! Just gently open it and then climb on the stool."

Unfortunately, it's unclear if the kid ever succeeded, or if the parents stepped in and rewarded the child's efforts by simply giving them a hand and getting whatever it was they were looking for.

Most redditors found the video amusing, although they also poked fun at the kid and parents (mainly because the person who posted the video misspelled "tricky"). "Feel free to start spending his college fund," one person wrote.

While a bunch of redditors were unkind to the child, a few people did ask the more serious questions: "[D]id he ever get it?!?! The thought of that child not conquering the fridge door after all that hard work brings tears to my eyes," one person wrote.

The video was upvoted over 13,000 times on Reddit.

Newsweek reached out to the redditor who posted the video, but did not receive a response in time for publication. This story will be updated if we find out if the toddler ever managed to get in the fridge.

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1930s toddler asking grandmother for cup of milk standing in front of refrigerator. A viral video showed a toddler trying to make their way into a refrigerator to see if they could get something on their own. H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty