Toddler Goes Viral in Hilarious Video of Him Vibing to Rap Music

A video of a toddler enjoying rap music in the back of his mom's car has gone viral—and it is equal parts adorable and hilarious.

In the clip, posted to TikTok by Momma_mandy_plus7, the boy can be seen strapped into a booster seat.

The young child, who is wearing a blue sweatshirt, khaki-colored trousers and New Balance sneakers, is grinning from ear to ear with his eyes closed.

Warren G's 1994 track Regulate, featuring Nate Dogg, is playing through the car speakers—and the toddler appears to be really enjoying it, nodding along to the beat and tapping his hand on his leg.

Text overlaying the cute clip, which can be viewed here, reads: "When the beats hits you just right."

Momma_mandy_plus7 added the hashtags: #fyp #foryoupage #mimisboy #warreng #regulate #momsoftiktok #mimi."

The clip has gone viral since it was posted on August 4, racking up a whopping 27.2 million views and 4.2 million likes. Almost 50,000 comments have been left on the post too.

One social media user, Tk8569, wrote: "I've never seen someone so grown and so young at the same time."

Another TikToker, Mike6lack, added: "Lil man tapping his knee like he got a 401k."

Sincerely.terry joked: "Brother remember his past life a little too clearly."

Megalbagel818 commented: "Okay this is just adorable! Also, raise his headrest up some, it will be more comfy for him and make sure the straps come from above shoulders for ff."

Mr_krazy89 typed: "Lil Man I was gonna say you're invited to the cookout but you too young so for this you invited to the daycare gathering."

Natty_daddy972 observed: "And he is already rocking the new balance [sneakers] ?!?! He was born with a 832 credit score."

Nike.bratt stated: "Madam I think your son works a day job and plays golf on Thursdays at 3."

Yourfavinvestigator remarked: "Any time this son come son I am closing my eyes and tapping my fingers going forward."

Orianabarger gushed: "This makes me think reincarnation is real."

A young girl has also gone viral on TikTok, thanks to a sweet clip of her sleeping next to her pet dog.

At the start of the footage, the child and her French bulldog are snoozing together on a sofa. When they are woken by the person filming, both look confused and a little irate.

The video was posted by Noah Holstock on July 21 and has since garnered 7.1 million views.

Newsweek has contacted Momma_mandy_plus7 for comment.

Little boy listening to music
Stock image of a little boy listening to music. A TikTok clip showing a toddler enjoying 90s rap has been watched more than 27 million times. Getty