Toddler's Unexpected Reaction to Being Shot With a Nerf Gun Has Internet in Stitches

Toddlers are unpredictable at the best of times, but when one man decided to play a game with his nephew he could not have expected the little boy's reaction.

In the video, which has amassed more than 403,300 views on TikTok, a man can be seen holding up a nerf gun at the child.

The youngster is also holding a similar gun and the man, who goes by the name Jake_the_freak, then says: "Are you ready? Want to play? Go! Go!"

He then fires the foam dart at the little boy, and it hits him in the stomach. This prompts the child to immediately exclaim: "Hey! Not nice!"

Instead of firing back, the toddler hilariously begins chasing the man through the house while letting out a peculiar scream.

The funny footage is captioned: "Hey not nice #heynotnice #fyp #nerf #nerfwar #photography #playing."

Since the clip, which can be watched here, was posted to the social media site on October 4 it has gained lots of traction, having been liked more than 50,200 times.

It has also been shared by a further 1,060 people and many have rushed to the comments section to post their thoughts on the young boy's reaction.

One TikTok user, Help Me, wrote: "Reasons why I want a little brother."

Another person, Daqncapstrimb, added: "Then they stop playing but you try to make them play."

Bombi_007 typed: "bro that was me with my little siblings all fun and jokes."

UWU.dxddy_Alex impersonated the boy by writing: "Hey! Not nice!" -demon noises-."

Mario Martinez revealed: "He looks just like my little brother did when he was his age good memories."

E Man Here opined: "He must have an insanely good childhood."

Cute_floppa commented: "He goes from [shocked emoji] not nice to just [angry emoji]."

Red observed: "That mad face though," alongside a string of laughing-face emojis.

Recently a clip that showed a young boy being chased by a small dog also went viral on TikTok, owing to the youngster's terrified reaction.

In the video, which was shared with the app by an account named The1johnny, we can see CCTV footage of a grassy garden area.

Text overlaying the clip then reads: "So y'all now I know my lil brother's biggest fear... dogs."

The little boy, who is wearing a blue T-shirt and shorts, then runs into view screaming at the top of his lungs as the tiny canine follows him—and it makes for hilarious viewing.

Toddler holding nerf gun
A stock image of a toddler holding a nerf gun. In a viral video a young boy has a hilarious reaction to being shot with the toy by his uncle. iStock