Toilet in Front of 'Death Dungeon' Steps Branded Real-life Stairway to Hell

A woman has shared a horrifying video of a real-life "stairway to hell" after finding a toilet in front of steps leading to a creepy basement.

Hailey uploaded a clip to her TikTok page, Erbehailey, sharing footage she captured while at a random house party.

Most of us will have walked into pantries while looking for the restroom in strangers' houses, but that might be preferable over this bathroom.

Hailey, from Bellingham, Washington, shared a short clip to the social media platform showing herself opening a door to use the bathroom.

She captioned the video: "I will never forget the time I was drunk at a random house party and this was the bathroom they had."

The toilet is on the left when you walk in, with some toilet paper perched on a shelf next to it—but directly in front of the toilet is a set of steep steps leading to a dark and dingy basement.

The edge of the stairs is so close to the toilet, it looks as if you'd barely have room to rest your feet on the floor.

Seemingly explaining the bizarre layout, Hailey then films a contraption on the wall, which was revealed to be a retro pencil sharpener, suggesting the building may have been a school.

Hailey added: "This is just a horrible combination."

The clip has been watched more than 3 million times since being uploaded in May, with people questioning what was in the basement, and others theorizing how many people fall down the stairs after a few drinks.


this is just a horrible combination. #fyp #fy #4u #foryoupage #bathroom #bellingham ghetto

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Commenting on the video, Landon admitted: "If I was drunk in that bathroom I would for sure die."

"Imagine just sitting on the toilet and something from the bottom of the stairs just starts running towards you," Can't Get Rid Of Me thought.

Mari Astrology very seriously pointed out: "That looks so dangerous."

Not Rose jokingly said: "They're nice enough to ask if you need to use the bathroom before descending into the underworld."

Heather Sumar reckoned: "Bathroom meets classroom meets death dungeon."

Quinn simply thought: "Stairway to hell right there."

"Omg that's straight out of a horror movie," Mon commented.

Echoing that, Luciano Martino responded: "That toilet sits on the steps that lead to the gateway of hell!"

Elizabeth Phan admitted: "I was thinking 'what's wrong with it' then I realized it was a set of stairs and not a rug."

While Wuda asked what's on everyone's minds, saying: "What's downstairs?"

"Scariest bathroom of all time," Jose Garcia declared.

And Sarah Intidam quipped: "That's not stairs for people. That's stairs for the creature that lives under the house to eat his dinner."

While Seth Watt added: "A stairway to hell and a pencil sharpener? I've never been so confused."

Newsweek reached out to Hailey for comment.

Stock of stairs leading to a basement.
Stock image of stairs leading to a basement. A woman, from Washington, shared a bizarre bathroom layout where the toilet was in front of a set of stairs. cerro_photography/Getty Images