Tom Brady Retirement Live Updates: Most Memorable Florida Moments

Live Updates
  • Tom Brady has officially announced his retirement from the National Football League (NFL).
  • Brady, who is regarded by many as the greatest quarterback of all time, took to Instagram to declare the end of his competitive career.
  • After his season ended last week with a loss to Super Bowl-bound Los Angeles Rams, many speculated Brady would retire.
  • He played for 20 seasons with the New England Patriots and spent his last two season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • Brady won seven Super Bowl titles and set numerous league records over the course of his career.
  • NFL teams across America reacted to Brady's retirement announcement.
  • Buccaneers already have Brady's replacement in mind.
Tom Brady Retires
Tom Brady officially announced his retirement form the NFL Tuesday. Above, Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers looks to pass against the Los Angeles Rams during the first half in the NFC Divisional Playoff game at Raymond James Stadium on January 23, 2022 in Tampa, Florida. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Most memorable Florida moments

Florida has no shortage of wacky headlines and Tom Brady made a few of his own when he became a Tampa Bay Buccaneer.

From walking into the wrong house, getting kicked out of a park and tossing the most prized trophy in professional football off a boat, Brady had quite the fun in Tampa!

Whoops, wrong house:

A Tampa homeowner had the surprise of his life when Tom Brady strolled into his home in April of 2020.

Brady was headed to Buccaneers Offensive Coordinator Byron Leftwich's home but got the wrong house.

David Kramer says he was in his kitchen on his computer when the door opened.

"I'll never forget it," Kramer told WTVT in an interview. "I could not gasp the air to say his name."

"I wasn't scared because he looked so nice, like thank God I didn't shoot him," Kramer said.

No one was shot. Brady left and finally found Leftwich's home (presumably).

Brady just wanted to work out:

Later that month, Brady was working out at a park in Downtown Tampa that was closed due to COVID-19. Park staff spotted a man and asked him to leave.

Brady joked about it in a video to Bucs fans, saying he was happy to be in Tampa Bay.

"Thank you guys for welcoming me and my family into your community with open arms, outside of getting kicked out of the park the other day," Brady joked.

"Sorry Tom Brady!" the City of Tampa later tweeted. Brady wasn't cited.

The infamous Lombardi Trophy toss:

While celebrating his seventh Super Bowl victory in February of 2021, the GOAT tossed the Lombardi Trophy off his boat to his teammates during a boat parade.

Buccaneers tight end Cameron Brate caught the trophy.

Brady later joked it was "the riskiest pass" he made all season.

Video was posted after the parade of a (tipsy) Brady being escorted back on land.

"Noting to see her...just litTle avoCado tequila," Brady tweeted.

"You'll always be Tampa Tommy to us'"

As NFL teams across the country react to Tom Brady's retirement announcement, the Tampa Buccaneers, Brady's now-former team shared their own heartfelt message in a tweet.

"You'll always be Tampa Tommy to us," the tweet said. The tweet also showcased video moments of Brady on the football field during his time with the team.

Brady's final touchdown ball was thrown into crowd

A lucky fan who attended the last Tampa Bay Buccaneers game may have walked away with a piece of football memorabilia.

During Tampa Bay's game against the Los Angeles Rams last week, Tom Brady threw his final touchdown of his career.

Brady threw a touchdown to wide receiver Mike Evans late in the fourth quarter. After Evans caught the ball, he tossed it into the crowd.

This is not the first time Evans has thrown away a historic Brady football.

When Brady threw his 600th career touchdown pass to Evans last October, Evans threw that ball into the stadium crowd.

That ball was estimated to be worth at least $500,000, according to Goldin Auction founder Ken Goldin. The fan who caught that ball returned it to Brady in exchange for another game ball, a signed jersey and helmet from Brady, a $1,000 credit in Buccaneers team store and season passes, according to CBS Sports.

Who Bucs already have to replace Brady

Odds are being placed and lists are circulating of who could replace Tom Brady, including two quarterbacks on the Buccaneers' roster last year.

Brady's backup Blaine Gabbert is set to be an unrestricted free agent this spring. The 32-year-old was the No. 10 pick of the Jaguars in the 2011 NFL draft.

Kyle Trask was the Buccaneers' second-round pick in the 2021 NFL draft. There is speculation the 23-year-old could also have a shot.

Head Coach Bruce Arians said he would be "comfortable" moving forward with a backup already on the roster but will consider all options, Tampa Bay Times reported.

Patriots debunk report about Brady's one-day contract

The New England Patriots debunked a report that Tom Brady plans to sign a one-day contract.

A fake report is circulating on Twitter claiming Brady will give a speech at Gillette Stadium tomorrow announcing plans to sign a one-day contract to retire as a Patriot.

The New England Patriots confirmed to Newsweek that this report is false.

"There is nothing planned at this time," a Patriots spokesperson said.

The Colts and Jets tweet funny reactions to announcement

The Indianapolis Colts and New York Jets tweeted funny memes and captions after Tom Brady announced his retirement from the NFL online Tuesday.

The Colts tweeted a hilarious SpongeBob meme with the caption "going to miss you, Tom Brady."

The Jets sent out a tweet saying "this better be real" referring to Brady's retirement announcement.

"We may not miss seeing you on the field, but the entire world will." Another tweet added from the account.

What is (and is not) in Brady's announcement

After days of speculation, Tom Brady announced his retirement Tuesday morning in an eight-page Instagram post.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion reflected on his career, thanked the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and his family saying, "I feel like the luckiest person in the world."

The nearly 1,000-word post made no mention of the New England Patriots.

Why now? The 44-year-old explained it's time to focus his time and energy on other things that "require his attention" after 22 NFL seasons.

Read Tom Brady's full announcement:

"I have always believed the sport of football is an "all-in" proposition - if a 100% competitive commitment isn't there, you won't succeed, and success is what I love so much about our game. There is a physical, mental, and emotional challenge EVERY single day that has allowed me to maximize my highest potential. And I have tried my best these past 22 years. There are no shortcuts to success on the field or in life.

This is difficult for me to write, but here it goes: I am not going to make that competitive commitment anymore. I have loved my NFL career, and now it is time to focus my time and energy on other things that require my attention.

I've done a lot of reflecting the past week and have asked myself difficult questions. And I am so proud of what we have achieved. My teammates, coaches, fellow competitors, and fans deserve 10% of me, but right now, it's best I leave the field of play to the next generation of dedicated and committed athletes.

To my Bucs teammates the past two years, I love you guys, and I have loved going to battle with you. You have dug so deep to challenge yourself, and it inspired me to wake up every day and give you my best. I am always here for you guys and want to see you continue to push yourselves to be your best. I couldn't be happier with what we accomplished together.

To all the Bucs fans, thank you. I didn't know what to expect when I arrived here, but your support and embrace have enriched my life and that of my family. I have been honored to play for such a passionate and fun fan base. What a Krewe!!!

To the city of Tampa and the entire Tampa-St. Petersburg region, thank you. It has been wonderful to be a resident of such a fun place to live. I want to be invited to our next boat parade!

To the Glazer family, thank you for taking a chance on me and supporting me. I know I was demanding at times, but you provided everything we needed to win, and your ownership was everything a player could ask for.

To Jason Licht, thank you for your daily support and friendship - I will never forget it. I had never been through free agency, and I had some trepidation about how we could achieve success. Your leadership gave me confidence, and I will always be grateful.

To my head coach Bruce Arians, thank you for putting up with me! Your firm leadership and guidance were ideal. There is no way we could have had success without your experience, intuition, and wisdom. I am very grateful.

To all the Bucs coaches, my sincere thanks for all the hard work, dedication, and discipline that goes into creating a winning team. I have learned so much from all of you and will value the relationships we have.

To every single Bucs staffer and employee, thank you. Each of you is critically important, and I was greeted with a smile every day. That means so much to me. Your work is made up of long hours and hard tasks, but please know I see each and every one of you. Thank you so much.

To Alex Guerrero, thank you. I could never have made every Sunday without you; it's that simple. Your dedication to your craft and our friendship and brotherhood are immeasurable. We have an unbreakable bond, and I love you.

To Don Yee and Steve Dubin, thank you. You have been with me every step of the way since I left the University of Michigan and before I entered the league. What a journey it's been, and I couldn't do it without you.

To my parents and entire family (and extended family of countless friends), I love you and thank you for your never-ending support and love. I could never have imagined the time and energy you have given for me the past 30 years in football. I can never repay you. And just know I love you so much.

And lastly to my wife, Gisele, and my children Jack, Benny and Vivi. You are my inspiration. Our family is my greatest achievement. I always came off the field and home to the most loving and supportive wife who has done EVERYTHING for our family to allow me to focus on my career. Her selflessness allowed me to reach new heights professionally, and I am beyond words what you mean to me and our family. Te amo amor da minha vida.

My playing career has been such a thrilling ride, and far beyond my imagination, and full of ups and downs. When you're in it every day, you really don't think about any kind of ending. As I sit here now, however, I think of all the great players and coaches I was privileged to play with and against - the competition was fierce and deep, JUST HOW WE LIKE IT. But the friendships and relationships are just as fierce and deep. I will remember and cherish these memories and re-visit them often. I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

The future is exciting. I'm fortunate to have cofounded incredible companies like @bradybrand @tb12sports that I am excited to continue to help build and grow, but exactly what my days will look like will be a work-in-progress. As I said earlier, I am going to take it day by day. I know for sure I want to spend a lot of time giving to others and trying to enrich other people's lives, just as so many have done for me.

With much love, appreciation, and gratitude,

When is Brady eligible for the Hall of Fame?

After his record-breaking career, Tom Brady must wait until he can officially be a Hall of Famer.

Brady won't be eligible until 2027, according to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Anyone can nominate a player, coach or contributor connected with professional football to the Hall of Fame. However, a player or coach must be retired for at least five years before he can be considered for induction.

Former NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year quarterback Robert Griffin III believes Brady should be inducted into the Hall of Fame right away.

"Tom Brady should be eligible to go into the Hall of Fame THIS YEAR," Griffin said in a tweet. "That's how great he was. No doubt the greatest of all time."

Brady thanks Pats fans, Kraft praises his career

Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft reflected on Tom Brady's storied career, expressing his gratitude of Brady's contributions and respect for his work ethic.

"As a fan of football, it was a privilege to watch," Kraft wrote in a statement. "As a Patriots fan, it was a dream come true."

"In a team sport like football, it is rare to see an individual have such a dominant impact on a team's success. You didn't have to be a Patriots fan to respect and appreciate his competitiveness, determination and will to win that fueled his success."

Brady's eight-page retirement post noticeably omitted any mention of his former team. A few hours after his announcement, Brady thanked the Patriots and Patriots Nation.

"I'm beyond grateful," Brady tweeted. "Love you all."

Brady shared a Patriots photo on Instagram showing him on a duck boat with his New England jersey saying, "I couldn't have dreamed of a better ride."

Read Robert Kraft's full statement:

"Words cannot describe the feelings I have for Tom Brady, nor adequately express the gratitude my family, the New England Patriots and our fans have for Tom for all he did during his career. A generation of football fans have grown up knowing only an NFL in which Tom Brady dominated. He retires with nearly every NFL career passing record, yet the only one that ever mattered to him was the team's win-loss record. In his 20 years as a starter his teams qualified for the playoffs 19 times. He led his teams to 10 Super Bowls, winning an NFL-record seven championships. In a team sport like football, it is rare to see an individual have such a dominant impact on a team's success. You didn't have to be a Patriots fan to respect and appreciate his competitiveness, determination and will to win that fueled his success. As a fan of football, it was a privilege to watch. As a Patriots fan, it was a dream come true."

"I have the greatest respect for Tom personally and always will. His humility, coupled with his drive and ambition, truly made him special. I will always feel a close bond to him and will always consider him an extension of my immediate family."

- Robert Kraft

Peyton Manning congratulates Brady

Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning congratulated his longtime rival and friend Tom Brady on an "unbelievable" career.

"It was an honor and a privilege to compete against him on the field, and I truly appreciate his friendship off the field," Peyton wrote.

"To do it as long as he did, at the highest of levels is absolutely incredible."

Manning appeared on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, as rumors were swirling about Brady's retirement.

"I'm not sure it's true," Manning said on Weekend Update. "I think it's probably just speculation."

"But if it were me, I probably would retire if it gave me more time to watch Emily in Paris," he joked. "I really think, for Tom right now, it's just a tough decision between balancing his career and relationships—sort of like Emily."

Also Saturday, Manning re-posted a clip of an October broadcast from Monday Night Football, as he and brother Eli Manning chatted with Brady. The three jokingly reflected on their numerous matchups on the field over the years.

"I enjoyed much more the ones [games] I played against Peyton than Eli," Brady joked.

"I enjoyed all our games, Tom," Peyton Manning said as he laughed.

The post then congratulates Brady on a "legendary" career.

Read Manning's full statement released Tuesday:

"Congratulations to my friend Tom on an unbelievable football career. To do it as long as he did, at the highest of levels is absolutely incredible. It was an honor and a privilege to compete against him on the field, and I truly appreciate his friendship off the field. I have always admired and respected his competitiveness, his dedication, his discipline and his commitment to being the best. I wish him the best in his next chapter. Congratulations again, pal!"

Tom Brady's greatest moments in the last three decades

Sports Illustrated shared a tweet of a picture collage from Tom Brady's three-decade-long career of Super Bowl rings and achievements after the now-retired NFL star announced his retirement online.

The collage includes seven rings with photos from 2002, 2004, 2005, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2021.

Sports Illustrated captioned the tweet the GOAT (greatest of all time) and his rings.

Tom Brady retires with a lengthy list of NFL records

Tom Brady has retired from his record-breaking football career Tuesday.

After his announcement, CSB Sports shared a lengthy list of Brady's NFL records.

Some of his records include: most passing yards, most quarterback starts, most wins as a starting quarterback, most Super Bowl appearances and wins and most playoff games and wins.

Goodell calls Brady ''one of the greatest to ever play"

National Football League (NFL) Commissioner Roger Goodell praised Tom Brady for "one of the greatest careers in NFL history," saying he set a standard players will chase for years.

Goodell released a statement Tuesday, shortly after Brady announced his retirement.

"Tom Brady will be remembered as one of the greatest to ever play in the NFL," Goodell wrote.

"An incredible competitor and leader, his stellar career is remarkable for its longevity but also for the sustained excellence he displayed year after year."

"Tom made everyone around him better and always seemed to rise to the occasion in the biggest moments. His record five Super Bowl MVP awards and seven Super Bowl championships set a standard that players will chase for years."

"He inspired fans in New England, Tampa and around the world with one of the greatest careers in NFL history. It has been a privilege to watch him compete and have him in the NFL. We thank him for his many contributions to our game and wish Tom and his family all the best in the future."

Buccaneers praise Brady's leaderships

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers owners wish Tom Brady "continued success in retirement."

"His impact on our team and community was immediate and profound," the Glazer family said in a statement. "We will continue to celebrate his legendary career as the greatest quarterback of all time and are appreciative and grateful for the time he has spent as a Buccaneer. "

Brady joined the Buccaneers two seasons ago and lead the team to a Super Bowl championship in 2021.

"Saying goodbye to a legend is never easy, but we wish him continued success in retirement," the statement added.

Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Ariana praised Brady's leadership.

"Tom joined us as the greatest football player of all time, and he quickly showed everyone in our organization what that meant," he said in a statement. "He set a standard and helped create a culture that took our team to the mountaintop.

Ariana added that "it has been an honor to be his head coach for the past two seasons."

Brady says playing career has been a "thrilling ride"

Tom Brady officially announced his retirement from the NFL after 22 seasons on an Instagram post.

"My playing career has been such a thrilling ride, and far beyond my imagination, and full of ups and downs," Brady said.