'The Tomorrow War': Chris Pratt Is 'Virtually Egoless' Says Director

The Tomorrow War probably wouldn't have its current director if it wasn't for its star Chris Pratt, who was signed onto the project in early 2019. More than two years later, it has finally landed on Amazon Prime.

The movie's director, Chris McKay spoke to Newsweek about his involvement in the sci-fi action thriller, and how it was Pratt's involvement that helped him make his mind up about being part of the movie.

For McKay, making a "genre movie" had been a dream, but the genre movie he hoped for also had to have an emotional story at its core.

The Tomorrow War showcases time travel and aliens as well as lots of action, with Chris Pratt playing a military veteran-turned-biology teacher who is forced back into a warzone, but also focuses on the relationship between fathers and their children.

"When I first read the script, it was a movie that had a studio, had a script, had Chris Pratt, had a date when they wanted to make a movie," said McKay. "And to have somebody like Chris, who is obviously a really brilliant movie star, but also just a really vulnerable actor, to have somebody like that to want to do this role was really exciting for me.

"So I jumped at the chance, and I had to audition for everybody. And I was just very fortunate that they picked me."

McKay was an editor on The Lego Movie, in which the main character is also voiced by Pratt.

While McKay and Pratt may have worked together before, this was a very different experience given they were on set together this time, and Pratt also worked as executive producer.

McKay joked it was easier to work with the "mini-fig" version of Pratt than the real deal.

He went on to say: "Chris was great. Like, honestly, I think even if he wasn't an executive producer, he would still be approaching things the same way he did. He approaches everything from a story and character perspective.

"He approaches everything from the perspective of what's best for the movie. He's, you know, he's virtually egoless. And from that standpoint, he's just a generous human being.

"He's generous with other actors. He's generous, you know, he listens. Well, he's got great ideas. He always comes to the table of ideas. He's willing to go for it.

"You know, he'll try anything you'll try and he's not afraid to fail, like, he gives it his all every single time. And to me, that's just that's a gift. And to work with him as an executive producer because he knows story. He knows character. He knows the mechanics of big movies like this.

"Yeah, to have him as number one on the call sheet and also executive producer, you know, you really can't, and he's also got your back and I couldn't have asked for a better partner. He's amazing."

The cast of The Tomorrow War
Yvonne Strahovski in The Tomorrow War
The cast of The Tomorrow War
Chris Pratt in The Tomorrow War
Chris Pratt in The Tomorrow War
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