'The Tomorrow War': Director Hints Amazon Prime Movie Could Be a Franchise

The Tomorrow War has come to Amazon Prime after a long wait. Like many recent movies, The Tomorrow War's release was rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has ended up skipping the movie theater and premieres on Amazon Prime on July 2.

In the movie, Chris Pratt plays a veteran turned biology teacher, Dan, who dreams of being a scientist with more clout. When people from the future return to say a war must be fought to save the planet, normal people are called up to jump 30 years ahead to try defeat a vicious alien race.

For Dan, the future holds far more surprises, and he realizes his mission is much closer to home.

Director Chris McKay spoke to Newsweek about the future of The Tomorrow War, and what could come next.

Will 'The Tomorrow War' Become A Franchise?

McKay told Newsweek there is serious potential in a franchise, speaking of how those involved were "thinking that way" ahead of its release.

For him, the "world-building" of the movie makes it a prime option for a franchise.

He said: "I'm definitely sure that the studio is really thinking that way. And Amazon is thinking that way.

"You know, there's such a fun world-building aspect to the movie, with the white spikes, with some of the designs that we had for other things in the white spike family and the world of the white spike.

"And the other worlds that might be connected to the white spikes. To me, there's a lot there."

The white spikes are an alien race, which start a war with future humans, which present-day civilians are sent to try and combat.

As the film progresses, more about this alien race is uncovered, after the first sight of them sparks fear and anxiety in those forced to fight them.

For McKay, the white spikes are not the only characters or ideas from which a franchise could be built.

He said: "And then you've got time travel, which is a way you can mess with things. You can create circumstances where you can revisit the situations.

"There's a lot you can do when you have time-traveling, you have creating new stories with some of the same characters and things like that.

"From a world-building standpoint, which is a fun part of what you get to do as a director, if we're going to hopefully explore that world, you know, where the white spikes come from, and that kind of thing.

"To me, that seems like a really exciting thing to get into. So I hope if—knock on wood—it's a success, people [will] want to make another movie. Yeah, hopefully they'll want to use me as a director, and I get to be a part of it."

At the moment, there has been no word from Paramount as to whether this will be expanded, but McKay clearly has some big ideas.

The Tomorrow War is out on Amazon Prime to stream now.

The Tomorrow War and director Chris Mackay
Chris Pratt in The Tomorrow War
The cast of The Tomorrow War
Chris Pratt in The Tomorrow War
The cast of The Tomorrow War
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