'Too Hot to Handle Brazil' Cast: Who They Are and How to Find Them on Social Media

Too Hot to Handle Brazil, also known as Brincando Com Fogo in Portuguese, is the new reality series on Netflix that is bound to get you hot and bothered. The first four episodes are streaming now with the remaining six landing on Wednesday, July 28.

Just like the American version of the show, the sexually driven contestants will have to abstain from all forms of sexual contact, including kissing, if they want to stand a chance of winning the R$500,000 (around $95,000) prize.

As per tradition, with every rule that is broken without Lana's permission, the group's prize money will dwindle.

Along the way, contestants will come and go to spice things up in the São Paulo mansion and the contestants' restraint will be put to the test as sparks are set to fly between the flirtatious cast. Newsweek has everything you need to know about the contestants taking part in Too Hot to Handle Brazil.

Meet the 'Too Hot to Handle Brazil' Cast

Unfortunately, at the moment there is very little information out there about the cast of Too Hot to Handle Brazil.

Netflix has yet to release the cast's full bio's but thankfully, there are some juicy details out there about the first 12 contestants of Too Hot to Handle Brazil.

Marina Streit

Marina Streit is a 24-year-old fashion lawyer from Rio Grande do Sul.

You can follow Marina on Instagram at @marinastreit. You can also follow her professional Instagram at @adv.streit.

Kethellen Avelina

Kethellen Avelina, 22 is an executive secretary from Amazonas.

Her Instagram username is @Kethellenavelinoo.

Gabriela Martins

Gabriela Martins is a 27-year-old model from Rio de Janeiro.

You can follow Gabriela on Instagram @martinsgabis.

Thuany Raquel

Thuany Raquel is a 26-year-old businesswoman and artist from Pernambuco.

You can follow Thuany on Instagram at @thuanyraquel now.

Rita Tiecher

Rita Tiecher, 25, is a DJ from Rio de Janeiro.

Her Instagram username is @ritatiiecher.

Brenda Paixao

Brenda Paixao is a 24-year-old makeup artist from the Rio Grande do Sul.
You can follow Brenda on Instagram at @paixao_brenda.

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Leandro David

Leandro David is a 23-year-old professional swimmer from Brasilia.

You can follow Leandro on Instagram at @leandro_david

The athlete also has TiKTok where he posts videos of him dancing, playing sports, and dog content. His TikTok account is @leandin_david.

Caio Giovani

Caio Giovani is a 29-year-old actor, singer, and dancer from Rio de Janeiro.

His Instagram account is at @caiogiovanii and you can also check out his music on his YouTube Channel.

Ronaldo Moura

Ronaldo Moura is a 29-year-old marketing consultant from São Paulo.

You can follow Ronaldo on Instagram @ronaldo_fmoura.

Davi Knelp

Davi Knelp is the youngest contestant on Too Hot to Handle this year.

The 21-year-old is a DJ from São Paulo. You can follow him on Instagram at @davikneip.

Matheus Sampaio

Matheus Sampaio is a 25-year-old entrepreneur from Rio de Janeiro.

You can follow Matheus on Instagram @matheussampao.

Igor Paes

Igor Paes, 27 is an entrepreneur from Bahia.

You can follow him on Instagram @_igorpaes where he posts about lifestyle, art, and health.

Too Hot to Handle Brazil is streaming on Netflix now.

Lana Too Hot to Handle
The contestants of "Too Hot to Handle Brazil" will have to follow the rules Lana sets for them. Tom Dymond/Netflix