'Too Hot To Handle': Who Voices Lana?

Over the two seasons of Too Hot To Handle, the white cone figure of Lana has always been a mystery. Her rules and regulations ruin the contestants' fun but aim to help them create better relationships.

Given the intercontinental contestants on the show, the British, female voice of Lana is pretty distinctive—but who voices her?

Who Is Lana on Too Hot To Handle?

Lana is an AI who helps the daters by enforcing the sex avoidance rules, sending them on dates and to workshops, and ultimately throwing up some nasty twists.

According to a behind-the-scenes video from Netflix, the name for Lana came from a sex-related term.

Netflix also tweeted this comment so everyone could work it out for themselves, saying: "If you found yourself watching Too Hot To Handle and wondering where we got the name Lana from ... reverse it."

If you found yourself watching Too Hot To Handle and wondering where we got the name Lana from ... reverse it. https://t.co/ESdxxrPsyb pic.twitter.com/KyLOk4FWca

— Netflix (@netflix) April 24, 2020

In the behind-the-scenes commentary, it was noted how the producers went through a long process to find a shape for Lana, ultimately ending up with the cone after a series of prototypes.

It won't have escaped fans' notice, as mentioned by the narrator of the video, that Lana could be perceived as looking like a sex toy, perhaps to add further frustration to the contestants.

As well as this, they commented that during the first series, contestants would keep in dialog with Lana throughout.

In the second season, most of the Too Hot To Handle contestants were furious with Lana, taking to the interview room to complain of her torture of them.

Who Voices Lana?

It has been reported that Lana was an AI specifically created for the show, however, the behind-the-scenes video does not mention this at all.

An insider exclusively told Newsweek that, in fact, a producer on the show is the voice of Lana, though their identity remains a mystery.

In the show's credits, a number of female, British producers and executive producers are named, meaning it could be any one of them who voices the AI, given her accent.

However, it could be any producer, as technical wizardry could allow them to sound very different than their usual voice.

In order to keep the show's mystery intact, it is best not to delve too far into who could be behind the cone.

Alongside the voice of Lana, fans also hear the voice of comedian Desiree Burch, who acts as narrator on the show.

When is Too Hot To Handle on Netflix?

The first four episodes of the second season of Too Hot To Handle were released on June 23, with the final six episodes released on June 30.

The show began with 10 contestantsfive men and five women—all vying for $100,000 by coupling up, but abstaining from sex and various other types of sexual activity.

Through the season, some contestants were sent home, new contestants were brought in, while others saw their relationships nurtured by Lana's workshops as the AI cone took them on an emotional journey.

At the end, further twists meant this season did not end like the first, making it a surprise even for committed fans.

The second season of Too Hot To Handle is available on Netflix now

Lana of Too Hot To Handle
Lana of Too Hot To Handle. The identity of Lana in Too Hot To Handle has been revealed. Netflix