Too Much Vitamin D in Dry Dog Food Prompts FDA to Expand Recall for Certain Brands

An additional recall was announced on Monday by the Food and Drug Administration for certain brands of dry dog food.

The recall states that the impacted brands contain too much Vitamin D.

While the vitamin is essential for dogs, too much Vitamin D can cause serious health problems or possibly even death.

"FDA scientists have evaluated samples of some of these products, and State and private lab test results indicate that the food contained as much as approximately 70 times the intended amount of vitamin D," the FDA said.

The expanded recall comes about a month after dog food brands Natural Life and Nutrisca issued voluntary recalls.

Other brands now placed under the recall include Sunshine Mills, Lidl's Orlando Brand and Kroger. The FDA believes most of the dog food originates from the same manufacturer, though the company has not been named by the FDA.

As the investigation is still ongoing, the FDA recall also states that additional brands could be added to the list of recalled products.

The FDA is asking that individuals who purchased any of the impacted brands stop giving dogs the food and to take the dog to a veterinarian if the animal begins to exhibit any symptoms of excess Vitamin D.

Symptoms include "vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, increased urination, excessive drooling, and weight loss," the FDA said.

Any pet owners or veterinarians who notice dogs with the symptoms are being asked to contact the FDA so that the information can be used in the investigation. Veterinarians can submit information via the Safety Reporting Portal while pet owners can contact their local Consumer Complaint Coordinator.

A full list of products included in the recall can be found at the FDA website, as well as additional updates to the investigation or any brands of dog food added to the recall.