Toothy Crocodile Cozies Up to Owner on Couch in Resurfaced Viral Video

Most pet owners are eager to come home to their animal friend after a long day, and one video reshared on the Reddit forum "Eyebleach" showed a toothy reptile getting comfortable with its owner on the couch.

"The most beloved pet that waits for you in the evenings from work," read the title of the post, which received more than 30,000 votes.

The 15-second clip, which was first shared on YouTube in 2021, showed a crocodile inching toward its owner on the couch. Eventually, it made its way over and received some friendly scratches before it rested its head on the owner's stomach.

A resurfaced viral video shows a crocodile cuddling up with its owner on a couch. Here, a stock image of a Nile Crocodile. Artush/iStock

According to Crocodilian Captive Care FAQ, crocodilians—like caimans, alligators and crocodiles—typically do not make good pets.

"Crocodilians should only be considered by very experienced individuals who have the resources to look after large, demanding reptiles that are difficult to house, difficult to handle, and increasingly expensive to keep," the piece stated.

If someone is intent on keeping a crocodilian as a pet, the organization said the caiman is the most popular to keep as a pet.

However, hopeful pet owners must also be considerate of local laws and whether it is legal to keep a crocodilian as a pet.

The clip stunned many viewers on Reddit who took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

"He looks very polite," wrote a Redditor.

"Umm there is a crocodile on your couch," one viewer joked. "Just thought you want to know."

Another suggested it has "kind eyes," and a viewer agreed with the assertion.

"I was thinking the exact thing," they wrote. "Usually those things have straight predator eyes. Things got teddy bear eyes lol."

"I hope that when he leaves for work in the morning he says, 'See you later alligator,'" a Redditor commented.

One, however, wrote that it was not appropriate to keep this as a pet.

"Exotic animals like this are not pets," they commented. "They are not domesticated and they will f**king kill you if given the chance."

Another person said they kept an alligator as a pet, but it escaped and was on the loose before it was found by a man in Missouri. He was able to create a catchpole using a dog leash. After three hours, the man was able to capture the small gator and turned it over to officials.

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