The Top 10 Most Viewed Stories on in 2008

1. How He Did It
NEWSWEEK reveals the secrets of Obama's victory.

2. Young, Gay and Murdered
The tragic story of 15-year-old Larry King.

3. Trouble in the Hills
The case of a secretive religious sect in rural Texas.

4. What to Watch For
Nate Silver's hour-to-hour guide for election night.

5.Michelle, on the Move
The future First Lady gets ready for Washington.

6. What Rielle Hunter Told Me
A reporter's encounters with John Edwards's other woman.

7. Deadly Combo?
Exploring the drugs found in Heath Ledger's apartment.

8. Make. It. Stop.
Another case against Crocs.

9. Our Mutual Joy
A religious case for gay marriage.

10. The Many Faces of Amanda
American student charged in grisly Italian murder.