Top Chef Lee Ann Wong Changes Diet, Reaps Rewards

Lee Ann Wong, the fan favorite from season one of Bravo's , has a lot going on: she's now the executive chef for Kogi New York: the original Kogi, in LA, is the insanely popular Korean BBQ truck locatable only via Twitter. On Sunday, she was working along side Justin Timberlake as he launched his new tequilla, 901 Silver, in New York City. (She, along with former contestants Sam Talbot and Huang Huynh, created some drinks and snacks made with 901 that were served at the event). And somehow, in the middle of all this, she's lost 55 pounds.

Wong says she enlisted the help fellow contestant Andrea Berman (the health food enthusiast) and lost the weight despite "never setting foot in a gym." Prior to spending her days in a kitchen and her nights in the late-night burger bars frequented by New York's culinary set, Wong was a size four, and notes that "keeping the weight off is not all that hard." The ease with which she says the weight came off, and the with which she's maintaining the weight, lends credence to the idea that one's body wants to clock in at a certain size, and will settle into that amount quickly with the right nutrition. Wong says she's virtually eliminated dairy (including cooking with butter) and is relying on the strong flavors found in Asian foods to keep her pallet happy and the meals she makes interesting. (Of course, not all of us have a size-four set point, which means that working out is a necessity if the end goal is squeezing into skinny jeans.) She also stressed the importance of eating slowly. "Food should be an event. Half the pleasure is taking the time to eat it," she says. "I really learned how to slow myself down."

Hopefully, some of her healthier cooking tricks will make their way into Kogi's wares when the trucks start rolling in New York.

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