​Top Data Management Software 2019

Ragic is very much different than any other database builder or form builder products on the market. It's much faster to create databases

Ragic is on a mission to provide a tool to make every employee a data expert, no matter if they know how to program or not.

For most companies, IT purchasing decisions are made by management or IT departments. Whether it's a software package like ERP, CRM, or HR systems, or an outsourced IT project, it's always a top down approach emphasizing on the needs of company executives and rarely have a detailed understanding of what the company actually needs to work smarter and more efficiently.

This has resulted in applications that are a pain to use, provides little or even negative value to employees, and ending up not being used at all. Worst of all, these software packages or custom IT projects are often huge and a nightmare to maintain.

Ragic believes by enabling the actual users of the database to design the application the way they know is the best for the company. This will result in a simple, easy to use system, save tons of time for all the users, and give a much deeper visibility to company data for everyone. And because the system is created by actual users, it will be much simpler to maintain without the IT team assisting them on every little step. As a matter of fact, most of the databases on Ragic are designed and maintained directly by business users instead of IT professionals!

Sounds all good, but how does Ragic accomplish this?

First, how do companies manage data without a database system?


Almost all companies of all sizes keep some of their data on spreadsheets if they don't have the appropriate tool to manage them. But of course, as the complexity of data and the number of users grow, data on spreadsheets becomes a nightmare.

The fact that millions of people are already using spreadsheets to manage their data is actually a good starting point for Ragic. It's a common ground that all business people share. Ragic makes the experience of designing a database system a lot like editing a spreadsheet, something that everybody knows how to do. On this common ground, Ragic has built tons of features for users to create pretty complex database application features. This way, users can even build fully fledged CRM or even ERP systems without writing a line of code.

with Ragic because of the spreadsheet interface. But most importantly, Ragic has all the features needed to create a database application to solve real world business problems, which most other online database builder products simply falls short.

On Ragic, users can easily create database forms with master detail structure like a quotation and quote line items, load customer and product data from another sheet during quote entry, do calculations on prices with formulas, update item inventory balance on another sheet after save, and then one click to create a sales order from this quotation. These type of common business operations can be done without code and cannot be matched by other online database builder products on the market.

All of this is by no means a simple task. Traditional relational databases are notoriously inflexible and require a lot of work when developers want to make a modification. On the other hand, spreadsheets are extremely flexible, people make all kinds of changes to them all the time without giving it a second thought. To make this level of spreadsheet flexibility possible, Ragic came up with an extremely unique and flexible database structure so that no matter how the database design changes, the database structure can support it without breaking a sweat.

Ragic is a long-term mission to bring the power of building database systems to everyone. Properly managed data should not be a perk to only the wealthy organizations, but to every small business with a messy spreadsheet folder that nobody wants to touch.