Top Ukraine War Stories on Russia's Channel One, Tuesday April 12, 2022

What follows is NewsGuard's summary and translation of the top stories about the Russia-Ukraine war from a morning program on Russia's state TV Channel One.

Eleven people were injured in the Donetsk Republic as a result of shelling by Ukrainian security forces.

Nine of the victims were residents of Mariupol. This was reported by the Joint Center for Control on the ceasefire. In total, our military has already evacuated 135,000 people from the city through humanitarian corridors. In the meantime, Russian troops and the Donetsk People's Republic forces continue to successfully advance in the area of the Azovstal factory industrial zone, where radical groups operate. Assault units have reportedly been trained for operations in complex industrial areas. Their task is to destroy the positions of the "Azov" gang, which is banned in Russia.

Channel One correspondent Irina Kuksenkova was injured during an attack by nationalists in Mariupol

As she was preparing for her next report, Irina and her colleagues came under enemy fire. Ira was injured. Operator Dmitry Kachurin and sound engineer Nikita Sevastyanov were not injured.

We wish Ira a speedy recovery and return to the office. And one more thing, which I cannot but mention: the injuries would have been much more serious if Ira had not been covered by the soldiers accompanying her, who actually took the brunt of the blow. They are now also in the hospital. We hope everything goes well with them. And thanks to them for being there at the right time.

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Local residents share a conversation while sat on a bench on April 13, 2022 in Borodianka, Ukraine. Rescue workers are still removing rubble from the destroyed residential area after the withdrawal of Russian troops during their invasion of Ukraine. Anastasia Vlasova/Getty Images

Every day, the Russian military shows courage and heroism on the front lines, standing up for civilians

The names of the new heroes include Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Garanin. The lieutenant colonel and his battalion restored the strategically important bridge which neo-Nazis had destroyed during their retreat. The group also cleared two high-explosive mines, all under continuous mortar fire. When one of Garanin's subordinates was wounded, the lieutenant colonel gave him first aid and continued to lead the personnel.

The EU plans to intensify the supply of weapons to Ukraine

This statement was made by German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock, following an EU foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also confirmed Berlin's intention to continue pumping weapons into Ukraine. However, the weapons that the West supplies to the Ukrainian security forces and gangs often end up in the hands of the Donetsk and Lugansk republic forces. The Armed Forces of Ukraine simply throw away the weapons when they retreat.

The Russian Ministry of Defense showed footage of a Ukrainian drone being destroyed

The crew of the "Admiral Essen" frigate of the Black Sea Fleet shot down the drone off the coast of Crimea. According to our Ministry of Defense, the drone gathered intelligence about the actions of the ships of the Black Sea Fleet, as well as coastal and ground positions of Russia's military equipment.

Russia's Ministry of Emergency Situations delivers more than a thousand tons of humanitarian cargo to Donbas and Ukraine

About 120 cars delivered essential supplies: food, bottled water, as well as furniture, especially, beds and bedding.

More than 700,000 refugees came to Russia during the special military operation

Humanitarian aid is now being collected for those who have already arrived in our country. Мore than 700,000 people have been welcomed in different parts of Russia. The stories of everyone who got out of this hell can leave no one indifferent. That is why now any support is like a cure for pain.


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