2018 elections

Why Isn't Election Day a Holiday or on a Weekend?

Elections used to take place on different days in different states. But in 1845, Congress voted to make voting more unified and passed a law designating the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November as Election Day.

FBI Agent Gave Gillum Broadway Tickets, Despite Claims

Text messages reportedly show that, despite past denials by Gillum and his campaign, he accepted tickets during their trip to New York for the Broadway musical play "Hamilton" from an undercover FBI agent.

Brazil Elections 2018: Polls, Candidates, Results Time

"Bolsonaro is a Brazilian version of Trump," Allana Ferreira, a Brasilia-based journalist told Newsweek. She explained that many people think Brazil needs someone with "a strong hand" to remove the current political class.

Obama's 2018 Campaign Mission: Pass the Baton

"The best way to rebuild the Democratic Party is to help support the next generation of leaders," said Eric Schultz, senior adviser to Obama and former White House principal deputy press secretary.