2018 Midterms

California Dem Calls Out 'Archaic' Sexism in Congress

"He said it as a joke, but it was a sexual comment. And I was just like, 'You can't say those kinds of things anymore,'" Representative Katie Hill of California said in a recent interview with The Lily.

Wisc. Gov Walker Weakens Power for Dem Who Beat Him

"This is nothing less than a power grab by Republicans," said Catherine Vaughan of Flippable. "It flies in the face of what voters decided in November and obstructs the democratic process by circling the wagons around systemic conservative efforts to gerrymander Wisconsin and restrict voter access."

GOP Wants 'Honest' Answers About Midterm Losses

President Donald Trump called on the media to recognize the Senate wins in the 2018 midterms, while Republican lawmakers demanded answers from the party's leadership on House losses.

GOP Pastor: New Congress to Resemble 'Islamic Republic'

"We are a Judeo-Christian country. We are a nation rooted and grounded in Christianity and that's that. And anybody that doesn't like that, go live somewhere else," E.W. Jackson said on his radio show.

Georgia Governor Election 'Tainted,' Abrams Blasts Kemp

"He removed voters who were eligible. He also denied access to more than 3,000 new citizens who should've been added to the rolls, but he prevented them from being able to vote," Abrams pointed out.