2018 Midterms

Georgia Fight Goes on Despite Abrams Defeat

"I am a constant reminder to them and to myself that I am operating in a system that was not designed for me, not for someone that looks like me," Nikema Williams said.

Judge Rules Rick Scott Can Oversee His Own Election

"Scott has toed the line between imprudent campaign-trail rhetoric and problematic state action," said U.S. District Court Judge Mark Walker in his ruling. "But he has not crossed the line."

Democrats Increase Control of House With Another Win

While it seemed on election night that a "blue wave" may not have materialized, Democrats have continued to make gains in governor's mansions and the House—most recently in California's 10th Congressional District.

Governor Defends Hyde-Smith 'Public Hanging' Comment

"Absolutely we have been sensitive to race relations in this state," Bryant, who has been criticized for declaring April "Confederate Heritage Month," said during a press conference held in conjunction with Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith.

Midterm Election Updates: Democrats Gain Ground

As of Saturday midday, three races in the Senate, two gubernatorial races and more than a dozen House races were still undecided as votes have continued to trickle in days after the election.