Biden and Trump

2020 Election

The latest on the 2020 election race shows a potentially tight race between the Republican nominee, incumbent President Donald Trump, and the Democratic nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden. In the 2016 presidential election, Trump won a majority of the Electoral College with 304 votes over Hillary Clinton's 227, however, Clinton won the popular vote by nearly three percent.

Biden's New NSA Pick Jake Sullivan Warns China Over COVID Response

"The United States and the rest of the world will not accept a circumstance in which we do not have an effective public health surveillance system, with an international dimension, in China and across the world going forward," said Jake Sullivan, Biden's NSA nominee.

Vaccines Could Be Forced Upon People Under Current Law, Warns FL Lawmaker

"The powers have not been used yet, but they've been on the books for over 25 years and it's important that Floridians know that this power can't be exercised by government, because it's just too much an invasion of their personal liberties," said Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini.

Read Michael Flynn's Statement Following Trump's Pardon

"I am forever grateful to my legal team of warriors – a team that came into our lives during the most difficult time. Ms. Sidney Powell entered the Flynn family's lives like an Angel sent from heaven with the fighting spirit of David, ready to slay Goliath—and she did," wrote Michael Flynn.

Crucial Months Ahead for Afghanistan

The road to Afghan peace is ensuring that moderate political leaders in Afghanistan, the ones that have social capital with their constituencies in various parts of Afghanistan, are empowered in the peace process.