2020 Election

Trump Says China is America's Biggest Adversary

Trump calls China a competitor and foe while reportedly paying the country $188,561 in taxes between 2013 and 2015, around the same time he allegedly paid little to no U.S. income tax.

Win or Lose, Trump Campaign Slams Presidential Debate Organizers

No matter who wins this week's presidential debate, Donald Trump's campaign has already spent weeks laying a foundation to explain his performance—however it may be received—by slamming the non-partisan Commission on Presidential Debates as being secretly in the bag for Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Every Celebrity Mocked in the 'Borat' Sequel

Sacha Baron Cohen manages to make fun of two people very close to the president in 'Borat 2', but he also let one key interview subject in on the movie being a satire.

These Are Donald Trump's Biggest Campaign Donors

According to OpenSecrets. Org, which complied data from the Federal Election Commission Donald J. Trump for President has raised $552,108,397, throughout the 2020 election cycle. Overall, outside groups have raised at least $255,945,422 for the president's reelection campaign.