2020 Presidential Election

Election Law Defeats Partisanship

State election laws turned out to be more than capable of conducting elections and arbitrating closely contested results.

Al Gore Urges Republicans to Overcome Fear of Trump

"There are things that are more important than bowing to the fear of a demagogue. And one of those things that's more important is the United States of America, and our Constitution," said the former vice president.

What's Biden Hidin'?

Biden has an agenda in mind, and he should be telling the American people what it is. Except he doesn't want to be on the ballot on January 5 any more than he wanted to be on the ballot on November 3.

Progressives Are Wrong To Oppose the Electoral College

Progressives should favor the Constitution's super-majority procedures, which generally promote more reason and less passion in government, demand greater consensus throughout society for public policy, and protect minority rights.

GOP Senator Scott Says 'Democrats Want to Control Your Life'

"The Democrats want to control your life; Republicans want to give you a life. That's the fundamental difference dividing the two parties right now," the Florida Republican senator wrote in an op-ed published on Fox News' website.

Beat Our Civil Rights Record

It is politically easy for an incoming Democratic team to reject their predecessors' work. What would be remarkable, however, is if they can achieve new victories while also building upon the advances of those who came before.