Huawei Plays Matador to Trump's Bull

If the United States wants to stay ahead of China, it has to restore funding for basic R&D and create incentives for businesses to return to capital-intensive manufacturing investment.

How to Hopscotch China on 5G

There is much that the U.S. can do to ensure that China and Huawei do not dominate a 5G world.

Britain's Conservatives Must Rebel Over Huawei

I am convinced that letting Huawei into our infrastructure against the express wishes of America's entire political spectrum—from Trump to Pelosi—is the worst decision taken by a UK government for many years.

The 12 Best Products of IFA 2019

IFA is one of the world's leading showcases for consumer electronics and home appliances. "Newsweek" went along to bring you the best product announcements of the weekend, from bendy 5G phones to retro tech.

China is Poised to Take Over the Internet

If the U.S. does not get its act together, we should expect to suffer a strategic defeat in the emergence of a Chinese controlled internet which may define the next half century.