Ohio House Passes Bill to End 'Tampon Tax'

"Having access to medical products is important, but I also think having access to reproductive choices is important as well," Ohio Democratic State Representative Brigid Kelly said.

Ohio Bill Could Equate Abortion to Murder

Ohio's House Bill 565 seeks to categorize a fetus as an "unborn" human, which could leave those who undergo or perform abortions vulnerable to criminal penalties.

Anti-Abortion Aussie Senator Declares Himself A Woman

A 61-year-old conservative Australian senator declared himself a woman while speaking in Parliament Wednesday, complaining that he is tired of being of attacked for his anti-abortion beliefs.

Kentucky Governor Ties Shootings to 'Culture Of Death'

"When a culture is surrounded by, inundated by, and rewards things that celebrate death—whether it is zombies in television shows, the number of abortions—that we indiscriminately think is just okay."

Governor Defends Hyde-Smith 'Public Hanging' Comment

"Absolutely we have been sensitive to race relations in this state," Bryant, who has been criticized for declaring April "Confederate Heritage Month," said during a press conference held in conjunction with Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith.

Republicans Have Waged a War on Women

Republicans would rather concuss America's brains with a prayer book and see higher abortion rates than solve a problem with contraception.

Video: Man Kicks Pro-Life Demonstrator At Protest

An organizer at a pro-life event in Toronto was roundhouse kicked by a male counter-protester after she approached him about defacing several signs at the anti-abortion silent street protest.

Former Trump Aide Accused Of Giving Woman Abortion Pill

"Unbeknownst to Jane Doe, the Smoothie contained an abortion pill. The pill induced an abortion, and Jane Doe wound up in a hospital emergency room, bleeding heavily and nearly went into a coma," the document reads. 

Carlson Thinks Kavanaugh Accusation Is About Abortion

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has claimed that the focus on a sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has more to do with abortion rights than sexual assault.

GOP Candidate's Attack Ad Uses Dem's Anti-Rape Speech

Bill Schuette, Michigan's current GOP attorney general, unveiled a campaign ad video Friday that labeled Whitmer and her lieutenant governor pick, Garlin Gilchrist, as the "most left-wing ticket in Michigan history."