City Refuses to Let ICE Track License Plates

Agents "can drill down into the data to build a detailed picture of your private life, including where you work, where you live," ACLU lawyer says.

Trump Administration Protects Religious Health Workers

The Health and Human Services Department announced the creation of a division to enforce protections for religious health care workers, but activists worry that it could lead workers to opt out of helping LGBT patients and those seeking abortions.

Civil Rights Book Banned In New Jersey Prisons

The renowned book, "The New Jim Crow" by Michelle Alexander, is not allowed in two New Jersey state prisons, according to prison documents obtained by the ACLU of New Jersey and released Monday.

Supreme Court To Decide On Voting Rights Case

The Supreme Court will decide on a Trump-backed Ohio voting rights policy that has disenfranchised thousands of American voters by using lists to purge names of those who vote infrequently.

ICE Agent Claims Racial Profiling

"It is impossible to imagine that these three stops in close succession with no warning or citation were motivated by anything other than our client's race," Laura Schauer Ives, an attorney with ACLU of New Mexico, said.

How Civil Rights Groups Are Fighting Trump

The campaign to fight voter disenfranchisement was purposefully launched in Kansas, the home turf of Kris Kobach, who leads President Donald Trump's election fraud commission