Tylenol Use During Pregnancy Linked to ADHD, Autism: Study

A recent study from John Hopkins University found a correlation between mothers who took Tylenol while pregnant and babies with developmental disorders, but researchers have yet to prove whether the drug was the cause of the neurological differences.

Leonardo da Vinci Had ADHD, Say Scientists

"I hope that the case of Leonardo shows that ADHD is not linked to low IQ or lack of creativity but rather the difficulty of capitalizing on natural talents," said the study author.

TMS to Treat ADHD May Be Too Controversial

TMS, or transcranial magnetic stimulation, has not been scientifically proved, but the technique has helped ADHD patients. Should doctors sacrifice their ethics if they believe it works?

What Are 'Jihad Pills'?

ISIS fighters take the drug before going to war, but it's most popular in Saudi Arabia.

Is ADHD on the Rise?

A new study suggests rates of ADHD diagnosis in children and teens have increased by 43 percent over the past decade, especially among girls and the Latino population.