Afghanistan War

Coronavirus Has Killed More Americans than 5 Recent U.S. Military Conflicts

On Tuesday, Republican President Donald Trump claimed that coronavirus is less deadly than the flu. Though the flu kills tens of thousands of Americans each year, COVID-19 has killed more Americans in 2020 than the approximately 178,000 Americans killed by flu over the last six years.

Civilian Deaths Hit Record High in Afghanistan

"The findings include the killing of more civilians in the first six months of this year … than at any comparable time over the last ten years since records have been kept," the UN report said.

Guns Killed More Kids Since Sandy Hook Than Soldiers

The number of children killed by gunfire in the United States since the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School is greater than the total of U.S. soldiers killed in overseas combat since 9/11, according to a Department of Defense report.