COVID-19 is a Chance for Africa to Have Its Own Marshall Plan

Africa does not need more foreign aid. Aid does not build strong societies. Africa needs a strong foundation to allow African societies to bring forward their own creativity and enterprise—like Europe was invited to do after World War Two.

What Will COVID-19 Do To Africa?

If you need to wash your hands many times a day, it helps to have a tap close by. And how do you self-isolate sharing a shack with multiple generations of your family?

GOP Rep Sparks Debate Whether 'Wuhan Virus,' Ebola Are Racist Terms

Arizona congressman Paul Gosar on Sunday announced he would be self-quarantining after a brief run-in at last week's CPAC conference with someone he described as having been "hospitalized with the Wuhan virus," prompting a response from California congressman Ted Lieu.

Elephant Kills Tourist Who Was Camping at Undesignated Site

"It has been established that the area in which the group of tourists were camping is not a designated camping site," Namibia's Ministry of Environment and Tourism said in a statement alongside news of the death.