Cyclone Idai: We Mustn't Look Away

Entire villages have been washed away. Infrastructures have collapsed. Schools have been destroyed and people are sheltering on rooftops and trees, waiting for the military to evacuate them.

Venezuelan Migrant Explains Fleeing Crisis

"We had to be in lines every day, and there was less and less food until there was nothing," said Venezuelan Ana Carina Palacio, who entered legally into Colombia in 2018 with her young son.

Trump's Aid Promise Won't Help Central Americans

While Mexico and U.S. officials have praised Trump's initiative to help the Northern Triangle, experts believe Central Americans must take the good news with a grain of salt.

Undistributed FEMA Aid Found in Puerto Rico

President Donald Trump praised the government's response to Hurricane Maria on Tuesday as another hurricane predicted to be deadly bore down on the Carolinas.

NYC Jail Inmate Claims False Imprisonment

Glenn Kindler, 55, is suing the city and state for false imprisonment after he was kept in the jail for 252 days beyond when he was supposed to be freed.

U.S. Sends Aid To Somalia, But How About U.S. Citizens?

The U.S. sent a military plane with supplies less than three days after the deadliest attack in the African country's history, but many Americans believe the country should help its citizens more, including Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Needs Help After Maria, President Trump

Puerto Ricans need food, electricity and access to clean water. They also need a President who cares, say people across the island, who disagree with the President's assessment that the island is "doing well" on "food, water and medical" supplies.