How to Be a Master of Wine While 35,000 Feet up

Our taste buds change when we're flying. So how can you have the optimum wine experience while onboard? We talk to Singapore Airlines' very own airline sommelier, Jeannie Cho Lee, to find out what to sip in the sky.

5 Things Airlines Can do Better

"Even if there's no available information to share, show sympathy and take ownership of the situation," says Brian Kelly, CEO of The Points Guy.

Airline Satisfaction is at an All-Time High. No, Really

"New technology investments have dramatically improved the reservation and check-in process," says J.D. Power's Michael Taylor. "Fleets are newer and travelers generally feel that they are getting great value for their money." 

The 15 Worst Airlines in the World

"It is clear the global airline industry is in need of significant improvement," say the producers of a new report ranking the best and worst airlines.

Airlines Eliminating Reclining Seats

Delta is cutting down on reclining seats. While some consider it rude to push back your sear, others say it's air passengers' last perk.

How to Fly First Class Without Breaking the Bank

Even if you don't want to fork over thousands of dollars, everyone can experience true first class on the few remaining airlines that offer it by using their miles and points.