Far-Right Leader Fails in Bid to Throw Out Lawsuit Over Alleged Riot

A judge in Portland, Oregon denied a motion aimed at throwing out a lawsuit launched against Joey Gibson and members of his alt-right activist group Patriot Prayer. The lawsuit alleges that Gibson and his group are responsible for a riot that took place outside a bar in the city May 1st.

Alt-Right Tries Hijacking 'Gritty' Flyers Mascot

Dozens of alt-right Twitter accounts began co-opting the Philadelphia Flyers mascot as an anti-Semitic figure just days after liberal protesters used images of "Gritty" to denounce a Saturday "Proud Boys" rally in Philadelphia.

Facebook Grappled With Charlottesville

"We don't allow praise, support and representation of white supremacy as an ideology," one training slide for moderators reads. "We allow praise, support and representation of white nationalism."