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'The Terror' Episode 7 Plots a Mutiny

In "The Terror" episode 7 "Horrible from Supper" Hickey makes plans to secure guns and meat, but comes up against new limitations as lead poisoning begins to infect the crew.

'The Terror' Episode 6 Throws a Masquerade Ball

"The Terror" episode 6, "A Mercy," is radically different from previous episodes. This time, instead of the Tuunbaq monster, the men turn on each other, in a chilling evocation of 'The Thing From Another World' and Roger Corman's Masque of the Red Death.

Scurvy Is a Constant Threat in 'The Terror'

Though the Franklin Expedition sailors depicted in the new AMC show "The Terror" are killed by a monster, their greatest fear was scurvy, consumption and the many diseases that could plague the crews of Terror and Erebus.

'The Terror' Episode 3 Review: 'The Ladder'

"The Ladder," episode 3 of "The Terror," centers on a shocking character death, but what's even better is the AMC series' wicked sense of humor, heightening the contradictions between the British Empire and the raw power of nature.

The True Story Behind AMC Series 'The Terror'

New AMC series "The Terror" is based on a true story. Here's the real history behind the Franklin Expedition and the ultimate fates of the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. Hint: it wasn't a monster.