Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper

A journalist with CNN, Cooper is currently the host of Anderson Cooper 360 on the cable news network. He previously worked for ABC before joining CNN in 2001. He also contributes to CBS' 60 Minutes. The son of Wyatt Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt, Cooper recently announced the birth of his first child, Wyatt Morgan.

Rod Blagojevich Tells Anderson Cooper He's a 'Political Prisoner'

CNN host Anderson Cooper took Rod Blagojevich to task Friday, after the former Illinois governor compared himself to Nelson Mandela and insisted that he had been a "political prisoner" freed by clemency from President Donald Trump on Tuesday.

CNN's Toobin and Alan Dershowitz Feud Over Meaning of Abuse of Power

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin argued with member of President Donald Trump's defense team Alan Dershowitz over the meaning of the phrase, "abuse of power," and whether the president can be impeached for it. Dershowitz called the definition of the term "vague and open-ended."

Who Are the Democratic Debate Moderators?

CNN's Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett along with Marc Lacey of the New York Times are tasked with moderating Tuesday evening's debate in Ohio.