Major 'Anthem' Features Delayed

BioWare lead producer, Ben Irving, and head of live services, Chad Robertson, announced in an Anthem Update on Reddit that many of Anthem's planned updates have been delayed indefinitely.

Anthem' Release Time & Midnight Locations

"Anthem" officially comes out tonight, here's when you can download the game. If you'd rather have a physical copy, here are some stores that are having a midnight release.

'Anthem' Day One Patch Notes

The day one patch for "Anthem" has officially been revealed, giving players less time in loading screens and more flying around.

'Anthem' Early Access Release Date

If you want to start playing "Anthem" one week earlier than everyone else, you'll need to pay for a monthly subscription to EA Access or Origin Access.

'Anthem' Weapon Switch and Swap Guide

"Anthem" players are having some difficulty figuring out how to swap between weapons. Here's how to equip weapons at the Forge and then use them in battle.

'Anthem' Triple Threat Mission Guide

One of "Anthem's" earliest missions is Triple Threat and has you deactivating a barrier by activating colored portals. Here's how to beat the puzzle.

February 2019 Video Game Release Calendar

"Anthem," "Crackdown 3," "Metro: Exodus" and "Far Cry New Dawn" join indie releases, expansion packs and other awesome games coming out February 2019.

'Antem' Open & VIP Demo Dates Revealed

"Anthem" has a free demo coming soon, and we know exactly when you'll be able to start playing it. Get more details on release dates here.