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Why Are Online Meetings So Tiring?

Quarantine and social distancing mean no more face-to-face meetings and conferences. If videoconferencing is nearly a replication of face-to-face interaction, what's causing the anxiety?
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The Calming Product You Need To Stay Sane Amidst Online Classes

Even though you did not brave the public transit nor the heat of the sun today, did not switch classrooms, and did not need to go up endless flights of stairs, you feel more drained than ever. Are online classes really more tiring than face to face ones? If yes, why is it so?
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Can Yoga + CBD Help Your Depression?

The reflective relaxation component of yoga is devised to induce a sense of peacefulness, well-being, stress tolerance, and mental focus, all of which should reduce your feelings of depression.
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What To Do When Anxiety And Panic Are High

Statistics show that 3 to 14 % of older Americans have a diagnosable anxiety disorder. Here's what you should remember to help them calm down.
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5 Incredible Ways to Self-Heal Your Body and Mind in Just 10 Minutes

You can now self-heal your body and mind simultaneously in just 10 minutes with these 5 incredible ways. Self-healing is easy and you can start channeling your body's energy from today!
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Can CBD Work For Anxiety and OCD?

Is CBD as effective in combating anxiety and OCD? Read this piece to find out more.