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12 Best Beach House Plans for That Perfect Waterfront Lifestyle

Choosing the right home design is often the biggest decision to make when building that ultimate beach vacation home. The important thing to consider is the type of waterfront or beach lifestyle that you want to live.
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Coping With COVID-19: Work-From-Home Plans to Make You More Efficient

Working from home means non-stop distractions from the kids, family members, crazy pets, entertainment, and noise from all over. But with a bit of planning and design, your work-from-home setup can make you more efficient.
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15 Best Garden and Patio Projects You Should Be Doing Today

This pandemic quarantine period can be the best time to give your home garden some love and attention. Here are some garden and patio renovation design ideas that will revitalize the look of your garden.

'I Built and Live in a Tiny House'

My initial build costs came to $32,000, and now I probably pay around $350 to $400 of costs each month. So my tiny home has actually helped me through COVID-19. I lost my job in February and if I had to pay regular rent and bills, I would have nothing.

The Grandest Olympic Stadiums of All Time

While the fate of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics hangs in the balance due to the coronavirus pandemic, here's a look at other cities that have succeeded in creating structures that have stood the test of time and continue to be as awe-inspiring and groundbreaking as the games themselves.

Subway Stations That Will Stop You in Your Tracks

From space-age designs to murals, artists and architects have transformed subways, metros and tube stations into contemplative and artistic spaces. These 10 underground stations around the world will have you thinking you're riding through an art museum.

Starchitects Flock to Miami

Renzo Piano, Bjarke Ingels, and Rem Koolhaas have taken over Miami, reinvigorating and in one case creating neighborhoods - and we love it.

Six Celebrity Pools that are Making a Splash

The swimming pool has become an integral part of a home, extending the usable space into a garden - and the pools of the rich and famous are astoundingly beautiful.

The Lego Group Re-Creates Architectural Marvels

Rok Kobe and his team at the Lego Group are responsible for one of the company's most ambitious projects, combining the Lego building system with some of the world's finest architectural marvels.