Man Fined $560 for Farting Loudly at Police in Austria

The Vienna police department said: "He rose slightly from the park bench, looked at the officers, and apparently intentionally released a massive fart in the immediate vicinity of the officers."

Hitler's Birthplace To Become Police Station, Keeping Building From Nazis

Austria's interior ministry has announced that Adolf Hitler's birthplace will be transformed into a police station after years of legal wrangling between the Austrian government the private citizen who owned the house, and politicians who had differing ideas about what the house should represent.

Sebastian Kurz Remaking Europe's Future From Dark Past

Young Austrians see themselves in their 32-year-old chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, a conservative populist with big ambitions. In championing him, they also flirt with the country's dangerous past.

Man Caught Speeding 42 Days in a Row

A new infrared camera that doesn't emit a light when it takes a picture caught the man, so he never noticed where the camera was placed while driving in the dark.

Man Wins Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

Peter Franzmayr could not accept that a female official whose application was ranked 0.25 percent lower than his would get the job.