Justice Is the Only Path to Peace Between Armenia and Azerbaijan

In the wake of the latest carnage in the south Caucasus, the West seems inclined to step gingerly into a void left by Russia, a former regional arbitrator that is currently distracted elsewhere. That's good—but now the West must take real action and call a spade a spade. Any potential peace without justice is unlikely to hold.

The Horrors of the Other War in Europe Keep Growing

The Azerbaijanis attacked deep inside Armenian territory with artillery and drones, its ground forces advancing into the town of Jermuk. Civilian homes were damaged and destroyed, and border posts were overrun, including the post where Apetyan was stationed. In the aftermath, an Azerbaijani soldier published horrific visuals of the destruction on Telegram.

Georgia on My Mind

As President Joe Biden wraps up his European tour, let's not let a key U.S. ally drift to the margins of discussion.