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13 Signs You Might Have Credit Card Problems (And How to Fix It)

Borrowing money is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when you're diligent in paying off your debts. But sometimes, people have no choice as unforeseen circumstances bring them in an unfortunate financial situation.

Are Banks Open on Thanksgiving?

Banks, including The Federal Reserve, are closed on Thanksgiving Day but other banking options are available.

Trump Is Taking a Meat Ax to Regulation

He's creating a new form of trickle-down economics—where the benefits go to corporate executives and major investors, while the costs and risks land on the rest of us.

McConnell Delays Gun Debate to Queue Up Bank Bill Vote

The Senate Majority Leader scheduled a banking reform bill for consideration this week, effectively delaying a debate on gun control in Congress's upper chamber as much of the country turns to Capitol Hill for stricter firearms regulations.