Benjamin Netanyahu

Trump Declares 'The Dawn of a New Middle East' With Peace Deal Signings

President Donald Trump on Tuesday declared "the dawn of a new Middle East" with the formal signing of the historic U.S.-brokered Abraham Accords, an effort at normalizing relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain—though it remains to be seen how far the Middle East peace deal will spread.

Peace? Sure. End of Conflict? Hardly

As the dust settles from the surprise peace accord between Israel and the Emirates, the new Middle East it promised looks surprisingly like the old.

The Israel-UAE Accord is a Mere Sideshow

The accord is not some miracle of biblical proportions. It is political theater in which Palestinians and the remains of their homeland offer a convenient backdrop.

Netanyahu Might Have Bitten Off More Than He Can Ch

The promise to annex parts of the West Bank might have helped Netanyahu hold on to power—but between opposition from his own coalition partners and the prospect of Trump losing in November, keeping it is a different matter.

In Israel, The Pandemic is a Slow-Motion Car Crash

As the country goes on lockdown, two branches of government—parliament and judiciary—risk being suspended indefinitely, as Netanyahu casts himself as the only man fit to lead the nation through the crisis.