Betsy DeVos

What Is a Charter School?

Charter schools share characteristics of public and private schools but are an educational institution all their own.

Trump Is Taking a Meat Ax to Regulation

He's creating a new form of trickle-down economics—where the benefits go to corporate executives and major investors, while the costs and risks land on the rest of us.

Trump Works to Limit Diversity in College Admissions

The Trump administration will end a set of Obama-era policies and guidelines that aimed to promote diversity on university campuses by encouraging the use of race in college admissions, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

DeVos Suggests Schools Can Report Students to ICE

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos should issue a clarification or "resign forthwith for abject incompetence," said Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund President Thomas Saenz.

Betsy Devos Won't Protect Trans Students' Bathrooms

Education secretary was asked to confirm how the Education Department plans to respond to complaints from transgender students who are denied access to bathrooms and lockers based on their gender identity.