Betsy DeVos

What Is College Good For? Absolutely Nothing

For decades, conservatives have waged a lonely war on college, but they are finally winning. And they suddenly have allies from all sides, eager to tear higher education down and start over.

Is Betsy DeVos protecting rapists? Victim thinks so

Besty DeVos's new guidelines on how college campuses and universities should handle sexual assault has rape victims like Abby Honold concerned that her decision could protect rapists.

DeVos Says She Believes 'the Climate Changes'

The education secretary praised Trump for his Paris accord decision and his "commitment to rolling back the unrealistic and overreaching regulatory actions by the previous administration."

HBCU Grads Tell DeVos to 'Go Home'

The education secretary told attendees at Wednesday's commencement she hoped they could "choose to hear each other out."

Teachers Honored As Challenges Mount

Teachers' Day is a decades-old observance aimed at thanking educators, which may be especially necessary in Trump's America.

For Rural America, School Choice Could Spell Doom

Criticisms of DeVos abound: She has never held a public-school job, she appears unfamiliar with some educational theory and she is an ideologue who wants to weaken public schools.