Bible Autographed by Trump Sells for $325

A copy of the Holy Bible purportedly signed by President Donald Trump sold for hundreds of dollars on eBay Monday, joining dozens of other autographed Trump collectibles for sale online.

Christian University Bans Ben Shapiro, Calls For Unity

Grand Canyon University quoted the New Testament of the Holy Bible in its rejection of the right-wing provocateur, as it stressed beliefs in unity and harmony versus that of Shapiro's combative and divisive rhetoric.

Lawmakers Push Bill to Allow Guns in Churches

After more than 30 minutes of debate on the Senate of Virginia floor, Bill 1024, titled Place of Religious Worship; Carrying Dangerous Weapon, passed, with 21 senators in favor and 19 opposed.

Fox & Friends Guest Cites Bible to Deny Asylum Seekers

"America is definitely not a theocracy, but we are without a doubt a nation of Christians, and as such, we know we're commanded to give refuge to those who are in need. But here's the thing: We're not being allowed to welcome them into the nation."